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Charmed Show Summary

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Charmed is one of those great shows you can catch on TV late at night, and you expect it to be on when nothing else is. It is packed full of humor that almost anyone can relate to, and includes problems that real people can actually understand. Rather than watching some crazy soap opera with twisted story lines, Charmed brings out the humor in everyday live even just by sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with friends.

For a television series about the supernatural, Charmed kept audiences glued not just because of all the action and the fantasy, but also with the more commonplace relationships and struggles of the Halliwell sisters. With the show, producer Aaron Spelling again proved that he knew the formula for TV success: an attractive cast (in this case, led by an irresistible trio of beautiful actresses), a good premise, an ever-twisting plot, and good old family drama.

Created by Constance Burge, Charmed revolves around three sisters who discover their destiny to become the "Charmed Ones" or the world's most powerful good witches. Their powers are passed down to them from their mother's bloodline and only start to manifest after their maternal grandmother dies. A series of events set in motion a new life for the Halliwell's. They begin to balance harnessing and developing their supernatural abilities, fighting evil elements along the way, and dealing with their everyday issues of life and love. Obviously, the show had enough 'charm' to hold the record as one of the most-watched first-season debuts on the WB, that is, until the debut of Smallville. The show started in 1998 and lasted eight full seasons, culminating in 2006. Brad Kern produced the show with Aaron Spelling.

The Halliwell sisters are Prue (Prudence), Piper and Phoebe. Together, they make up 'The Power of Three.' Prue Halliwell, played by Shannen Doherty, is the eldest sister gifted with telekinesis or the power to make things and people move with her mind. She also has the ability of astral projection. Piper is played by Holly Marie Combs, who can freeze objects and stop time. She later develops the power to make things explode by molecular combustion. Alyssa Milano plays their younger sister Phoebe, who has the power of premonition. She develops the ability to see both the future and the past, as well as to travel in time. For some time, she also learns to levitate.   

A Whitelighter named Leo Wyatt, portrayed by Brian Krause, is assigned to guide and protect the Halliwell sisters as they learn to use and advance their powers. Leo and Piper later marry—a union frowned upon by the Elders. Phoebe also develops a problematic romantic relationship with the villain Cole Turner, a half-demon played by Julian McMahon. The charmed sisters each die several times throughout the show's seasons, but they are always resurrected one way or another. However, Prue is killed by a demon assassin at the end of the third season and is no longer resurrected as Doherty left the show before season four.  The next season introduces Paige Matthews, the Halliwell's half-sister who was the born from the forbidden affair between their mother and her Whitelighter.  Paige is portrayed by Rose McGowan. She takes Prue's place in the The Power of Three, using telekinetic powers combined with her Whitelighter orbing ability.

Charmed became a hit for many reasons, one of which is the fact that the show had "Three of the most gorgeous TV witches," as the New York Times put it. Jon Langmead of PopMatters, meanwhile, points out that the previous seasons of Charmed paid "an attention to relationship drama that was smarter and more nuanced than it ever received credit for," even when he discusses certain qualities that the final season lacked. At the very least, the show has "well-choreographed action sequences, respectable acting, interesting primary characters, and, yes, delicious eye-candy in revealing costumes," to quote another PopMatters critic.

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